Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Embree

1. She has a lot of attitude for her size
2. She loves pink and purple
3. Her favorite movie is Toy Story 2
4. Her favorite character is Jesse, we now have a doll of Jesse and she goes everywhere with us now and everyone that she meets gets told who Jesse is and all about her.
5. She loves to scream and out do everyone else that tries to be louder.
6. She loves to sing and dance and is really good at both!
7. She has a lot more boy friends then girlfriends, but that is slowly changing because of her school class, there are more girls there and they all are bigger then Embree and they are all adopting her as there baby doll and really taking care of her, it is really cute. They all hold hands together and go every where together and they all help with getting on or taking off there coats and sitting down to eat there snack. It makes me smile.
8. She has a great imagination, and loves to tell stories.
9. She is the most polite toddler that you will ever meet and she will also remind you to be polite if you forget.
10. She is the most caring girl, if you are sad or hurt she wants to take care of you and make you better, she loves to give kisses and hugs and that is what she says is the best medicine, she also just gives hugs and kisses just for fun not only when you are sad or hurt.
11. She has the biggest smile and cutest smile with those front buck teeth and it makes you smile.
12. She love animals and tell you all there names and make all there sounds it is so cute.

Tagging all that want to do this, it is fun,
(There were only eight to begin with but I couldn't stop I kept finding more things that she is good and and had to tell everyone, can you tell I am a proud mommy and love her to death!)

Here we are again

Our little cook and mommy! Here is our school girl on her first day!

Our house on when we were almost at the peak of snow it got a lot higher after this picture but luckly it is starting to melt!

Happy Birthday Hair! (fun) Our Little Diva in her leather skirt and gogo boots!

Here are some pictures, sorry that they took so long to be put up, no excuse this time other then I just got to it. Well we are doing good. We have been busy with school, work and play. Embree is starting to run and jump so everywhere we go we have to run, jump, march, and dance but not only do we have to do this but she has to announce what we are doing to the whole world, "I running, got to go fast!"
She is also being so fun because she is starting to really sing. We recently bought the August Rush CD and there are two songs that she knows by heart now and we have to sing them all day long. She really knows how to make us smile and laugh. Well I am trying to get ready for a field trip that I am going on in 2 1/2 weeks with one of my classes, I am excited for it but at the same time terrified. I will be gone for three days and I have never left Embree for that long. We are hooked at the hip and to have to leave her with Jace is scary, not that I don't trust her but I feel bad for him because he has to work still and so we have to take her to a babysitter (grandparents) which is fine but she always gets grumpy when we have to take her from them. Right now as well she has decided that I am the only one that she wants she, yells and screams when Jace comes home and just wants a hug because she says that she is mine and that she doesn't want to go to work.
She is in this phase that everyone works and that it is not fun and when she is board and sad she says that she is at work and that it is hard. Along with that she is thinking if she can't see us that we are at work or at class, and when we try to correct her she just gets angry that she is wrong. Well back on track, well her being so clingy is scaring me to leave so we are trying to have me phase back when Jace is home and letting him take over and help her with things and getting ready for bed and everything and so far it is not working but I guess that we are still going to try.
Well other then that we are just hanging out trying to fight off the snow, our basement is starting to get wet so once we have some time we are going to have to shovel all around our house to try and prevent any more water from coming in, the only thing is that it is now solid ice so that just makes everything better, lol. Well two post in one day is great! I got to go but we hope that every one is still okay and doing well we love you all.