Monday, October 27, 2008

Some pics from my fieldtrip

some pics for your enjoyment of the cabin, Embree and Jace's work

Been so Long

Sorry, is all that I can say. We have been really busy lately with school, harvest and eventful trip to Canada. Jace has been extremely busy with work with the spud harvest and is now just starting to have things get back to normal now that it is done and so we can maybe see him a little bit where we hadn't seen him in really in over a week. He would be gone at 4:30 am and not get home till 10pm or even 1 pm depending on the day. I have been extremely busy with school with field trips that are now over and tests that are driving me mad. Who would have thought that there are thousands of different rocks and we have to learn all of them. Our tests cover at least 50 to 200 different rocks each. Well I am surviving so far and can just keep counting the days till I graduate. Embree is finally growing and is trying new foods but is still super small and picky but we can't complain as she is venturing out a little. She is now eating Little Caesars Bread Sticks and thinks they are the greatest thing on the planet, she also is eating other kinds of bread sticks and garlic bread so that is interesting and she is eating grapes, apples, bananas and plums things she wouldn't have eaten before. She is still a mind stooper to her occupational therapist who can't understand how she hates soft food and goes for the crunchy where it should be the other way around but we will keep her. We took a 4 day trip to the great country of Canada at the beginning of this month to go to a wedding and try to take the first real vacation since Embree was born (I guess that we did take her to Butte with us but everything was closed and all we could do was sit in the hotel the whole time so we don't really count that and the cabin we go to all the time but this was the first long distance trip). Well it was all running and really no rest or play but it was a great trip and Jace and I got to go to the Cardston Temple and it was amazing the ceremony was beautiful and wonderful. It was a great trip that made us realize that we are spoiled with such a great kid. She didn't complain at all the whole time and even the 9 hour car ride didn't damper her spirits she was great and makes us know that we can go on more with out any troubles. Well the only hardship was the travel home when we hit snow storm after snow storm and made the 9 hours actually about 11 and the fear of roads closing and being able to get home when we wanted or needed. Well I am running out of time but I figured I better update a little and let you all know that we are good and surviving and making it through this time. Hope all is well we love you all.