Tuesday, September 23, 2008


1- where did you meet your husband?
Well that is a long story, I will make it short and sweet though, we first met in high school and I absolutely disliked him and didn't want any thing to do with him but aparently he had a crush on me without me knowing. Well he disappeared for 2 1/2 years or so I thought but (he was on a mission to Tempe Arizona) Then one day one his name popped in my mind and my name popped in his mind and it drove us both crazy and so I found his address and wrote to him on his mission to find out that he was actually home because he got really sick and so then i was at a loss and then a friend introduced us and it clicked we knew that night that we were getting married but we still took 4 months makeing sure it was the right thing. (even though neither of us ever talked about it)
2- what was the first thing you said to your husband?
"Hi.... You don't have to pay for me you didn't even bowl yourself?"
3- where was your first date?
We went on a what do you call it a triple date there were three of us in the group and we went to Texas Road House and had Diner and it was so embarassing because he ordered a 4 oz. Steak and wasn't even able to eat it all (He was still so sick he lost 50 in two weeks because of it) then we went to our friends grandpa's house to play pool and eat dessert.
4- where was your first kiss?
That was another little embarassing story but was so good. We were traveling to Wyoming with our friend and his wife to drop her off at her families house and on our way back home we were sitting in the back and I could tell that he wanted to kiss and I really wanted to and so we were sitting there and I just flat out slapping a kiss on him and even though it was just a peck I can't forget the look on his face of shock that I did that and then he got the hint and gave me a real kiss that caught me and kept me forever.
5- How long did you date for?
Officially only 2 1/2 months but we hung out everyday for 5 months including that time.
6- where did you get engaged?
He called me on a Tuesday and asked if I could go out to diner with him and of course I agreed but was a little confused at the begining because we never did that we always went out on friday or saturday. Well I got my roomates to help me and we talked about were he was taking me and we all got excited because I thought it would happen because he said that we were going to the sandpiper and we knew that as the place where people get engaged because it is right across from the Idaho Falls Temple, I remember that my roomates helped me with everything and even offered to stay up all night to talk and see what was going to happen. I don't think anyone had better roomates they were amazing and still are. Well he came and got me and we went to diner and I thought he was going to pass out because he was so pale and sweating bullets and I was so nervous as well but diner came and then it went and we were leaveing and I couldn't believe it and so I started to doubt that it was going to happen and as we were leaving he asked if we could go and play games with our friends and that is when I really thought that it wasn't going to happen and then we were driving past the temple and he looked out of the window and said "Shoot the tail gait is down and I forgot something do you mind if we stop and fix it." so we pulled into the temple and he went and took care of that and then he said that is was such a nice night and we should take a walk, Well as we were walking there was an older lady sitting on a bench and gave us an evil look and then she took and I will never forget what he said next "SOOOO, when is Melanie getting married? (My roomate that just got engaged a couple days before) SOOOO, when are we getting married?" Well as I was starting to answer he let go of my hand and knelt down and proposed, it was so cute! well it apparently wasn't what he originally planned but I still loved it.
7- how did the reception go?
I went really good other then jace and all the grooms men (Our Brothers and his best man) dropped me in a photo shoot and it was so hot. It was good.
8- TAG!
Melanie, Melissa, Crystal, Hilary, and anyone else that wants to do it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

about to give up

Well sorry that I haven't been good at blogging lately. we have been really busy and I am about ready to just give up and call it quits on about everything. I don't know what else can go wrong. Lately we have been so tight with money because of the job change and Pepsi jiping us on his last pay check that we haven't really been able to make ends meet. Then we start to smell something really bad from the basement and take a whole weekend and try to clean it just to find that everything is covered in mold and no amount of bleach will kill it and actually is making it worse by creating gasses that are more poisonous and so that has been a chore and it costs $50 to have any one just walk through your door to look at it and tell you what to do. Right now we are just waiting to hear if our insurance will help take care of it but the inspector told us not to count on it because it is an old house so that is not reassuring.
To top that Embree has been extremely sick for the past four days, it has gone from what we thought was the stomach flu, to the chicken pox to about everything else under the moon, just to say the least we are not very impressed with the doctors right now because of this. Yesterday my mom watched her so that i could go to class and apparently while she was sleeping she started to have cramps in her stomach and started to scream bloody murder and scared my mom really bad so they called me and when I got out of class we rushed her to the Doctors office, boy was that a joke they were trying to turn us away and say nothing was wrong that it was normal for her to have 3 massive diareah filled diapers in an hour and that her bloody murdering scream was just fine. well we finally got to see the doctor and luckily she had the cramps and the screaming right in front of him and so he is worried that it could be 1 of 3 things. 1st, just constipation (well this is normal for her but not lately and so we ruled this out), 2nd, there is a bad stomach flu going around that causes nausea, cramping and diareah and you don't throw up but it is not a 24 Hour flu it last for up to 2 weeks is the shortest that they have seen lately, and 3rd either a hernia, a blocked bowl or a kinked bowl. So we went with the 3rd and so we had to go get X-Rays of her stomach and are still waiting for the results. Well to top that we have no health insurance and we hit our limit for doctor visits and hospital visits with medicaid in august and so there is more money that has to be paid. Well I guess that i am going to stop complaining but I just need to get it out of my system and so sorry that i did. Well we hope that everyone else is good and we love you all.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


well I know that it has been a really long time since I blogged and I really have no good excuse other then that I have slacked off. Well we have not been up to a hole lot other then jace changed jobs so that has taken a lot of time and emotions and about everything else. Jace used to work for pepsi and loved it but then the Idaho Falls warehouse changed management and they are all really young and money hungry, Well it ends up that they ruined friendships to make a buck and jace happened to be one that they really liked to pick on and abuse jace they then started to withhold his pay checks and so we started to look for new employment in june and this place that jace delivered pop the manager really liked Jace and the way he worked and offered him a job right there. We spent two and a half months pondering and contaplated the alternatives. The thing was that pepsi has amazing insurance and this place only offers a 401K but no health insurance. So that is really a big issue with us and so after going to the temple twice a week for 2 months and really taking everything into concideration we finally decided to take the other job and leave Pepsi. Well we are now going on 2 weeks with this new job and so far so good other then the fact that we never see him because he is driving truck for Bart Larsen Farms and they are huge farmers and own basically a place called hammer, duboise and a couple other places and plant straw, potatoes, corn and grain and this is there harvest time so he is gone every other saturday and from 5 am till 7-10pm so we will see, But all I can ask for is that he likes the job and the people and is happy, which he is. Well other then that I am starting school on monday and can I tell you that I am not looking forward to this other then the fact that it is my last semester so that is a good thing. my only down fall is that my babysitters are backing out so I have to find a new one but my neighbor hopefully is going to help and that will be great because Embree loves her and her kids and that way I can have her sleep in and take naps right at home which she likes to do better then at others houses. Well I feel like i am just rambleing but I wanted to inform people what is going on and say hi and we love you all.