Sunday, December 6, 2009

Adventures! sorry it is a long one, sewers and fireplaces etc.

Well life has been a little crazy around here! we are already struggling financially and have scrimped and saved for Christmas, our basement if full of mold and we are continually sick because of it. We finally had enough money to buy a wood fireplace for the basement so we can cook the mold out. Well right after we purchased it things just started happening. It is huge and almost didn't fit in our basement, it is still not hooked up we are just waiting to get help to make sure that everything is cleaned out, but as we were going through things in the basement we realized that our fruit room is not sealed so we are trying to figure that out so that we don't loose everything. Well we were finally thinking that things are looking on the up side, I just received my student teaching assignment to here in St. Anthony for both an earth science class and a life science class which I am both terrified and excited for. We celebrated both Jace's and my birthdays and had a great Thanksgiving. Well Saturday morning after Thanksgiving we spent time cleaning the basement and getting things ready for the fireplace. We got hungry and our house was a mess with things we brought up to get out of the mold. We decided to go get some lunch and on our way out Jace refilled his glass with pop and luckily we were on the back porch outside unlocking the door when Embree decided that she wanted to help Jace carry his pop in and went to grab the cup and it fell on her bathing her in Mt. Dew it got in her eyes, nose and mouth as well we rushed her in and got her things in the washer and threw her in the bath. Jace went to run a load to the dump and I stayed to bath Embree, well we were almost done when all of a sudden our toilet started to bubble and explode everywhere and our tub wouldn't drain luckily Jace got home right then and ran down stairs to check on things and saw our sewer drain line gushing water everywhere. So long story short we were out of our house till we could get it fixed. We got ahold of a plumber through Jace's family and we thought that our only problem was a collapsed line well come to find out that all these 50+ years our sewer has not been connected to the city line it has been dumping in a drainage line in our neighbors back yard. No wonder there yard has been so green and no one lives there. Well after alot of money and time with our in laws (THANK YOU!) we finally got our sewer fixed and are finally home. Please let there be no more issues this year that is all we can wish.