Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This tag asked that I go to my pictures and click on the 4th folder and the 4th photo and blog about it. Then I get to tag 4 lucky people to do the same! : )

This is of Embree at Jace's cousins wedding reception in Canada. We went up for 4 days and helped set up and be with family it was a blast and Embree loved every minute of it even the long car rides, thanks to the portable dvd player and barbie and disney we made it and had fun. She is in her flower girl dress (what she calls it) and was posing for the pictures and it was so cute that we had to take a million pictures and this is just one.

I Tag:
Lali, Crystal, Megan, and Megan

Seven Tag

...things I was doing 10 years ago
1. I was 16 and went to San Diego California with the school
2. I was in 9Th grade in Madison Jr. High.
3. I was more shy then i am now
4. I was tiny!!!
5. Played night games every night I could.
6. Had troubles with my frizzy hair
7. Went on my first trip with out parents

...things On my to-do list
1. Figure out diner.
2. clean the house.
3. pick up twilight tickets we bought.
4. Figure out finances
5. Figure out how to help Embree feel better.
6. Decide when and where to put up decorations for Christmas.
7. homework and sleep.

...Books I want to read/reread
1. All Twilight books! AGAIN!
2. Eragon trilogy (now 4 books though) again.
3. The Book of Mormon
4. Sisterhood of Traveling pants books again.
5. Work and the Glory books again.
6. Jane Austins works again.
7. All the Harry Potter books again

...7 Places I want to visit
1. Venice, Italy
2. NYC
3. Europe
4. Hawaii
5. Switzerland
6. New Zealand
7. Disney world and Disney Land

...Places I've lived
1. Provo, Utah (when I was new born)
2. Rexburg,Idaho 1-21
3. Flag ranch area, Wyoming summers of 99 and 2000
4. Pocatello, Idaho, 2 years
5. Rexburg again
6. St. Anthony, Idaho 2 years and currently there
7. ?? don't know where we will end up.

...Things I would do if i were a millionaire
1. pay off all debt
2. put enough away for weddings and college for our kids.
3. buy things for my kids
4. Buy a new house
5. Put lots of it in savings for later
6. stock up on food storage
7. Help out family, friends and the church.

...Snacks I enjoy
1. Oranges
2. strawberries
3. raspberries
4. kiwis
5. carrots
6. potatoes
7. chocolate

...Things I can do
1. cook
2. clean
3. sing
4. Help my family and friends
5. fix things
6. plan things
7. have fun with my family

...Things I can't do
1. not worry about my family and friends
2. help every one
3. always have patience
4. shop it always makes me sick but I do it anyway.
5. not be a perfectionist in things.
6. back seat drive without freaking out ( ask Jace ;) )
7. Heal the sick even though embree wants me to

...Things that attracted me to Jace
1. his eyes
2. his smile
3. his love for FAMILY
4. his kindness
5. his tenderness
6. his caring and understanding
7. He is patient

...Favorite foods
1. Steak and potatoes
2. pizza
3. my mom and dad's enchiladas
4. tacos
5. hot dogs
6. grilled cheese and soup
7. macaroni and cheese

...Things I say most
1. Embree Anne
2. I Love you!
3. Me More!
4. What?
5. Because I am your mom!
6. How are you?
7. What's up?

...People I admire most
1. Jace
2. Embree Anne
3. The Prophet
4. My Parents
5. My Inlaws
6. All our Grandparents
7. All those that are struggling but still happy and surviving.

...People I tag
1. Melanie
2. Megan
3. Megan
4. Melissa
5. Crystal
6. Kaydelyn
7. Kalle

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

some pics from Canada and Halloween.

8 obsessions
1. my family
2. the outdoors
3. animals
4. temple
5. friends
6. cooking
7. sleep and bubble baths
8. playing and having fun

8 goals for the future
1. bigger family
2. stronger member of the church
3. travel
4. finish school and be a good teacher
5. be a good wife and mom
6. help others more
7. going to the temple more
8. get out of debt

8 vacation want tos
1. Switzerland (always wanted to since I was in third grade)
2. New York and go to a brodway show.
3. New Zealand it is so beautiful!!
4. Take the family to the grand canyon and lake powell.
5. Europe
6. Italy and Rome
7. Central America
8. Cruise to Alaska and everywhere else.

8 of the best words
1. Mommy I Love you more!!
2. I love you
3. Thank you
4. I so happy I awake with you. (embree)
5. She is doing so great! (Dr.'s for embree)
6. Your great
7. Sweet dreams and dream sweet. (both jace and embree)
8. I want to share and be good (embree)

8 things I must do tonight
1. Home work
2. Make dinner
3. Clean the house
4. Play with embree
5. Spend time with jace.
6. Bath the cat
7. Bath Embree
8. check email, facebook, and blog

8 people I tag
1. Melanie
2. Megan
3. Megan
4. Melissa
5. Crystal
6. Hillary
7. Kate
8. Jayne