Saturday, July 17, 2010

sorry again

Well it has been a while again since my last post. Since then I have taken my last praxis and came out thinking that I just failed it, but guess what I didn't!!! YEAH!!! That was such a great blessing, not only are those tests expensive, they are a pain and if I didn't pass I was told that they wouldn't let me teach biology because I substituted so many on my biology classes for upper-division classes instead of the pre-rec classes so if I didn't pass I would have to go back to school and take the pre-rec classes in order to retake the test. So we are very glad that I passed. Now I am a certified teacher Ha ha ha ha! Wow it took a long time but it will be worth it. Now I just need a job, but I guess I need to start looking to do that and I just want a break for right now, so we will see. Other then that we have been busy playing. Jace is in school full time and works 2 jobs full time so we don't see him all that often but are cheering him on so that he can get done with school as well. Embree and I have been kayaking (thanks to a great friend!!!) several times this summer and loved it, we have played outside in sprinklers, and recently to Rigby Lake (which is awesome now it is cleaned up!) and spending lots of time between rexburg and St. Anthony libraries. We plan to go to our cabin, swim lots, go to Lagoon and just have a blast for the rest of the summer!!! This weather around here has been so wired that planning things takes alot of consideration, so we have had to compromise a lot. Well we hope all is well with everyone, we love you all!