Sunday, December 21, 2008


well it has been a really long time again sorry. Well it has been a really long time because of the economy Jace has been on the verge of being fired every day. We have been living with very little and yet I don't think that it could have made us closer we have really gotten closer as a family during this time. From little if any work it just gets harder and harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel but we have really been hit hard with the fact that nothing matters when you are a family and work together. Well about three weeks ago my mom found a job opening at the college and we thought yeah right a guy with not much education and little experience is not going to get it. Well he applied for the job and we contacted everyone we could think of who would have an influence and help Jace so we waited for a week and when the job closed we still hadn't heard from them and were okay with the fact that he didn't get it. Getting a job on campus is really hard and hardly any gets jobs there without a lot of influence and things. Well a day later Jace gets a call and asked to an interview and after he goes in it is another week till they call him in again for a final interview and an other few days till the final decision. Well he got called back and the guy acted as if it was a let go sorry that you didn't get it we want the other guy and that is the way they want to go, but then he said that is what they wanted but he stuck his head out for him and JACE GOT THE JOB!!! He is now the new night supervisor at the Hart Building. It is not as god of pay as we need but hey it is a stable job and it has benefits. He works tuesday through saturday 11pm to 5am and so that is hard but he is still ooking for a part time job during the day but hey we are surviving I love this family. We hope that all of you are safe and good we love you all.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This tag asked that I go to my pictures and click on the 4th folder and the 4th photo and blog about it. Then I get to tag 4 lucky people to do the same! : )

This is of Embree at Jace's cousins wedding reception in Canada. We went up for 4 days and helped set up and be with family it was a blast and Embree loved every minute of it even the long car rides, thanks to the portable dvd player and barbie and disney we made it and had fun. She is in her flower girl dress (what she calls it) and was posing for the pictures and it was so cute that we had to take a million pictures and this is just one.

I Tag:
Lali, Crystal, Megan, and Megan

Seven Tag

...things I was doing 10 years ago
1. I was 16 and went to San Diego California with the school
2. I was in 9Th grade in Madison Jr. High.
3. I was more shy then i am now
4. I was tiny!!!
5. Played night games every night I could.
6. Had troubles with my frizzy hair
7. Went on my first trip with out parents

...things On my to-do list
1. Figure out diner.
2. clean the house.
3. pick up twilight tickets we bought.
4. Figure out finances
5. Figure out how to help Embree feel better.
6. Decide when and where to put up decorations for Christmas.
7. homework and sleep.

...Books I want to read/reread
1. All Twilight books! AGAIN!
2. Eragon trilogy (now 4 books though) again.
3. The Book of Mormon
4. Sisterhood of Traveling pants books again.
5. Work and the Glory books again.
6. Jane Austins works again.
7. All the Harry Potter books again

...7 Places I want to visit
1. Venice, Italy
2. NYC
3. Europe
4. Hawaii
5. Switzerland
6. New Zealand
7. Disney world and Disney Land

...Places I've lived
1. Provo, Utah (when I was new born)
2. Rexburg,Idaho 1-21
3. Flag ranch area, Wyoming summers of 99 and 2000
4. Pocatello, Idaho, 2 years
5. Rexburg again
6. St. Anthony, Idaho 2 years and currently there
7. ?? don't know where we will end up.

...Things I would do if i were a millionaire
1. pay off all debt
2. put enough away for weddings and college for our kids.
3. buy things for my kids
4. Buy a new house
5. Put lots of it in savings for later
6. stock up on food storage
7. Help out family, friends and the church.

...Snacks I enjoy
1. Oranges
2. strawberries
3. raspberries
4. kiwis
5. carrots
6. potatoes
7. chocolate

...Things I can do
1. cook
2. clean
3. sing
4. Help my family and friends
5. fix things
6. plan things
7. have fun with my family

...Things I can't do
1. not worry about my family and friends
2. help every one
3. always have patience
4. shop it always makes me sick but I do it anyway.
5. not be a perfectionist in things.
6. back seat drive without freaking out ( ask Jace ;) )
7. Heal the sick even though embree wants me to

...Things that attracted me to Jace
1. his eyes
2. his smile
3. his love for FAMILY
4. his kindness
5. his tenderness
6. his caring and understanding
7. He is patient

...Favorite foods
1. Steak and potatoes
2. pizza
3. my mom and dad's enchiladas
4. tacos
5. hot dogs
6. grilled cheese and soup
7. macaroni and cheese

...Things I say most
1. Embree Anne
2. I Love you!
3. Me More!
4. What?
5. Because I am your mom!
6. How are you?
7. What's up?

...People I admire most
1. Jace
2. Embree Anne
3. The Prophet
4. My Parents
5. My Inlaws
6. All our Grandparents
7. All those that are struggling but still happy and surviving.

...People I tag
1. Melanie
2. Megan
3. Megan
4. Melissa
5. Crystal
6. Kaydelyn
7. Kalle

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

some pics from Canada and Halloween.

8 obsessions
1. my family
2. the outdoors
3. animals
4. temple
5. friends
6. cooking
7. sleep and bubble baths
8. playing and having fun

8 goals for the future
1. bigger family
2. stronger member of the church
3. travel
4. finish school and be a good teacher
5. be a good wife and mom
6. help others more
7. going to the temple more
8. get out of debt

8 vacation want tos
1. Switzerland (always wanted to since I was in third grade)
2. New York and go to a brodway show.
3. New Zealand it is so beautiful!!
4. Take the family to the grand canyon and lake powell.
5. Europe
6. Italy and Rome
7. Central America
8. Cruise to Alaska and everywhere else.

8 of the best words
1. Mommy I Love you more!!
2. I love you
3. Thank you
4. I so happy I awake with you. (embree)
5. She is doing so great! (Dr.'s for embree)
6. Your great
7. Sweet dreams and dream sweet. (both jace and embree)
8. I want to share and be good (embree)

8 things I must do tonight
1. Home work
2. Make dinner
3. Clean the house
4. Play with embree
5. Spend time with jace.
6. Bath the cat
7. Bath Embree
8. check email, facebook, and blog

8 people I tag
1. Melanie
2. Megan
3. Megan
4. Melissa
5. Crystal
6. Hillary
7. Kate
8. Jayne

Monday, October 27, 2008

Some pics from my fieldtrip

some pics for your enjoyment of the cabin, Embree and Jace's work

Been so Long

Sorry, is all that I can say. We have been really busy lately with school, harvest and eventful trip to Canada. Jace has been extremely busy with work with the spud harvest and is now just starting to have things get back to normal now that it is done and so we can maybe see him a little bit where we hadn't seen him in really in over a week. He would be gone at 4:30 am and not get home till 10pm or even 1 pm depending on the day. I have been extremely busy with school with field trips that are now over and tests that are driving me mad. Who would have thought that there are thousands of different rocks and we have to learn all of them. Our tests cover at least 50 to 200 different rocks each. Well I am surviving so far and can just keep counting the days till I graduate. Embree is finally growing and is trying new foods but is still super small and picky but we can't complain as she is venturing out a little. She is now eating Little Caesars Bread Sticks and thinks they are the greatest thing on the planet, she also is eating other kinds of bread sticks and garlic bread so that is interesting and she is eating grapes, apples, bananas and plums things she wouldn't have eaten before. She is still a mind stooper to her occupational therapist who can't understand how she hates soft food and goes for the crunchy where it should be the other way around but we will keep her. We took a 4 day trip to the great country of Canada at the beginning of this month to go to a wedding and try to take the first real vacation since Embree was born (I guess that we did take her to Butte with us but everything was closed and all we could do was sit in the hotel the whole time so we don't really count that and the cabin we go to all the time but this was the first long distance trip). Well it was all running and really no rest or play but it was a great trip and Jace and I got to go to the Cardston Temple and it was amazing the ceremony was beautiful and wonderful. It was a great trip that made us realize that we are spoiled with such a great kid. She didn't complain at all the whole time and even the 9 hour car ride didn't damper her spirits she was great and makes us know that we can go on more with out any troubles. Well the only hardship was the travel home when we hit snow storm after snow storm and made the 9 hours actually about 11 and the fear of roads closing and being able to get home when we wanted or needed. Well I am running out of time but I figured I better update a little and let you all know that we are good and surviving and making it through this time. Hope all is well we love you all.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


1- where did you meet your husband?
Well that is a long story, I will make it short and sweet though, we first met in high school and I absolutely disliked him and didn't want any thing to do with him but aparently he had a crush on me without me knowing. Well he disappeared for 2 1/2 years or so I thought but (he was on a mission to Tempe Arizona) Then one day one his name popped in my mind and my name popped in his mind and it drove us both crazy and so I found his address and wrote to him on his mission to find out that he was actually home because he got really sick and so then i was at a loss and then a friend introduced us and it clicked we knew that night that we were getting married but we still took 4 months makeing sure it was the right thing. (even though neither of us ever talked about it)
2- what was the first thing you said to your husband?
"Hi.... You don't have to pay for me you didn't even bowl yourself?"
3- where was your first date?
We went on a what do you call it a triple date there were three of us in the group and we went to Texas Road House and had Diner and it was so embarassing because he ordered a 4 oz. Steak and wasn't even able to eat it all (He was still so sick he lost 50 in two weeks because of it) then we went to our friends grandpa's house to play pool and eat dessert.
4- where was your first kiss?
That was another little embarassing story but was so good. We were traveling to Wyoming with our friend and his wife to drop her off at her families house and on our way back home we were sitting in the back and I could tell that he wanted to kiss and I really wanted to and so we were sitting there and I just flat out slapping a kiss on him and even though it was just a peck I can't forget the look on his face of shock that I did that and then he got the hint and gave me a real kiss that caught me and kept me forever.
5- How long did you date for?
Officially only 2 1/2 months but we hung out everyday for 5 months including that time.
6- where did you get engaged?
He called me on a Tuesday and asked if I could go out to diner with him and of course I agreed but was a little confused at the begining because we never did that we always went out on friday or saturday. Well I got my roomates to help me and we talked about were he was taking me and we all got excited because I thought it would happen because he said that we were going to the sandpiper and we knew that as the place where people get engaged because it is right across from the Idaho Falls Temple, I remember that my roomates helped me with everything and even offered to stay up all night to talk and see what was going to happen. I don't think anyone had better roomates they were amazing and still are. Well he came and got me and we went to diner and I thought he was going to pass out because he was so pale and sweating bullets and I was so nervous as well but diner came and then it went and we were leaveing and I couldn't believe it and so I started to doubt that it was going to happen and as we were leaving he asked if we could go and play games with our friends and that is when I really thought that it wasn't going to happen and then we were driving past the temple and he looked out of the window and said "Shoot the tail gait is down and I forgot something do you mind if we stop and fix it." so we pulled into the temple and he went and took care of that and then he said that is was such a nice night and we should take a walk, Well as we were walking there was an older lady sitting on a bench and gave us an evil look and then she took and I will never forget what he said next "SOOOO, when is Melanie getting married? (My roomate that just got engaged a couple days before) SOOOO, when are we getting married?" Well as I was starting to answer he let go of my hand and knelt down and proposed, it was so cute! well it apparently wasn't what he originally planned but I still loved it.
7- how did the reception go?
I went really good other then jace and all the grooms men (Our Brothers and his best man) dropped me in a photo shoot and it was so hot. It was good.
8- TAG!
Melanie, Melissa, Crystal, Hilary, and anyone else that wants to do it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

about to give up

Well sorry that I haven't been good at blogging lately. we have been really busy and I am about ready to just give up and call it quits on about everything. I don't know what else can go wrong. Lately we have been so tight with money because of the job change and Pepsi jiping us on his last pay check that we haven't really been able to make ends meet. Then we start to smell something really bad from the basement and take a whole weekend and try to clean it just to find that everything is covered in mold and no amount of bleach will kill it and actually is making it worse by creating gasses that are more poisonous and so that has been a chore and it costs $50 to have any one just walk through your door to look at it and tell you what to do. Right now we are just waiting to hear if our insurance will help take care of it but the inspector told us not to count on it because it is an old house so that is not reassuring.
To top that Embree has been extremely sick for the past four days, it has gone from what we thought was the stomach flu, to the chicken pox to about everything else under the moon, just to say the least we are not very impressed with the doctors right now because of this. Yesterday my mom watched her so that i could go to class and apparently while she was sleeping she started to have cramps in her stomach and started to scream bloody murder and scared my mom really bad so they called me and when I got out of class we rushed her to the Doctors office, boy was that a joke they were trying to turn us away and say nothing was wrong that it was normal for her to have 3 massive diareah filled diapers in an hour and that her bloody murdering scream was just fine. well we finally got to see the doctor and luckily she had the cramps and the screaming right in front of him and so he is worried that it could be 1 of 3 things. 1st, just constipation (well this is normal for her but not lately and so we ruled this out), 2nd, there is a bad stomach flu going around that causes nausea, cramping and diareah and you don't throw up but it is not a 24 Hour flu it last for up to 2 weeks is the shortest that they have seen lately, and 3rd either a hernia, a blocked bowl or a kinked bowl. So we went with the 3rd and so we had to go get X-Rays of her stomach and are still waiting for the results. Well to top that we have no health insurance and we hit our limit for doctor visits and hospital visits with medicaid in august and so there is more money that has to be paid. Well I guess that i am going to stop complaining but I just need to get it out of my system and so sorry that i did. Well we hope that everyone else is good and we love you all.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


well I know that it has been a really long time since I blogged and I really have no good excuse other then that I have slacked off. Well we have not been up to a hole lot other then jace changed jobs so that has taken a lot of time and emotions and about everything else. Jace used to work for pepsi and loved it but then the Idaho Falls warehouse changed management and they are all really young and money hungry, Well it ends up that they ruined friendships to make a buck and jace happened to be one that they really liked to pick on and abuse jace they then started to withhold his pay checks and so we started to look for new employment in june and this place that jace delivered pop the manager really liked Jace and the way he worked and offered him a job right there. We spent two and a half months pondering and contaplated the alternatives. The thing was that pepsi has amazing insurance and this place only offers a 401K but no health insurance. So that is really a big issue with us and so after going to the temple twice a week for 2 months and really taking everything into concideration we finally decided to take the other job and leave Pepsi. Well we are now going on 2 weeks with this new job and so far so good other then the fact that we never see him because he is driving truck for Bart Larsen Farms and they are huge farmers and own basically a place called hammer, duboise and a couple other places and plant straw, potatoes, corn and grain and this is there harvest time so he is gone every other saturday and from 5 am till 7-10pm so we will see, But all I can ask for is that he likes the job and the people and is happy, which he is. Well other then that I am starting school on monday and can I tell you that I am not looking forward to this other then the fact that it is my last semester so that is a good thing. my only down fall is that my babysitters are backing out so I have to find a new one but my neighbor hopefully is going to help and that will be great because Embree loves her and her kids and that way I can have her sleep in and take naps right at home which she likes to do better then at others houses. Well I feel like i am just rambleing but I wanted to inform people what is going on and say hi and we love you all.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Thompson Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph
I did this earlier this year and she looked more like me and now look she is starting to look like her good looking dad.

this is fun

Here are the directions for any one who wants to play along.

1. As a comment on my blog leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one abut you. If you don't want to play on your bog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments

Friday, July 18, 2008

let me just vent a little bit

well we are really hitting the terrible two's right now, and i am really thinking my mind is lost forever. Embree is now just starting to scream 24/7 and it is seaming like nothing is working. Time outs are a no go unless I am out of the house and she can't see or hear me, spanking doesn't work because she only screams harder and longer. (not that we hit her hard) sending her to her room doesn't work either, I am running out of options and I am definitely going def in both ears (whats that Ehhhh?) she has the longest and highest pitched scream I have ever heard and her favorite place to scream is right in my ears. I am struggling to figure out what is going on she is not growing or teething and I feel like it is just a attention getter but boy it is a pain to live with. I ignore her, the bad thing is that when dad gets home he gives her what she wants and that makes her stop but it is not helping me to get her to stop when she can't have everything, and Jace wont stop because he says that he hates that screaming and that stops it. well help me anyone who can PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU HELP ME!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our Outings

let me tell you

Well it got a little confusing to understand me you need to read ready or not here we come first and then continued ... and here are some pictures of our doing there are not many because my camera broke but here are some.

continued . . .

Well after that we celebrated my niece's birthday and then back down to Utah for the MRI. Can I tell you how terrifying it is to have to have your child sedated. To hear of all the complications and things that could happen if it were to go wrong are terrifying. Well she survived that and passed that with flying colors. Everything came out clear and perfect. The after affect of the sedation was hilarious, Embree was a walking and talking drunk on her feet. She couldn't talk and she couldn't walk. It was sad but it was so funny to watch her trying to walk and talk and instead of her getting frustrated and mad she just started to laugh and try harder to be silly. Well we were gone for three days and then we were back again.
We then the next week went up and spent a week at my family's cabin up in Island Park, Idaho, with my family and boy you would think that for being June it would be warm and pleasant up there. Well we were proved other wise I was just glad that we didn't put embree's winter stuff away and that I brought it up, just to go out side she had to have boots, two coats including her winter coat, gloves, hat, and something to keep her face warm and she had to top it off with her butterfly glasses. Well we were able to survive and the last day it finally warmed up Oh i forgot it snowed six to eight inches on us while we were there luckily it melted the same day but hey it is June it is not supposed to snow!!!
so When we got home we were able to stick around the house for a week and a few days and then we had a ward camp out. We were planning on going but the next day we were going to go to no tellem lake with Jace's family and Jace had to work the night of the camp out. Well my neighbor who has fastly become my best friend and embrees to were in charge of the camp out well Embree and I decided to go and help set up camp with them since it was only at green canyon. Well I feel so bad because the moment that we got there I got sicker then a dog. I couldn't leave the Bathroom (Luckily they had a bathroom) while my neighbor helped me to try to get jace to come and get me. Well when he finally got there I had been able to leave the bathroom for about an hour and took embree into the pool were i just sat in warm water and boy did that help. jace got there and the smart man brought all our camping gear and my medicine and supplies and he took care of me, what a great guy. The only problem was that when we got out of the pool I very stupidly gave Embree a drink of juice that had over 29 grams of sugar in it and she didn't sleep till 2:30 am and then woke up at 6am so that we could be home. so needless to say I didn't sleep at all, but for the first camping trip that we have had as a family it could have been worse. I just wouldn't wish on any one to be sick as I was. Well then we went up to no tellem lake with Jace's family and got eaten alive. We all have a full can of repellent on and the mosquito's acted like it was nothing they just wanted to eat.
We then had about a week till Jace's family showed up from Canada and Alaska for there family reunion/celebration for grandma and grandpa Blanchard's 50th wedding anniversary. Well we hung out with them every night till the big departure for the reunion to Island Park. Jace wasn't able to go because of work and so we spent as much time with the family as possible. Well when the big day arrived we headed for the hills and went to stay in the Winchester Lodge where the family of 32 was able to stay and enjoy each other. It was a blast a little awkward as I was without jace and he was there family not me, but what should I have done I didn't want to keep Embree away from her family. Well we went to Oklahoma the musical at the Playmill and it was a blast Embree was so good and the actors even stole one of her candy smarties (well she did drop them and they kicked them and improvised) but they ate them right in front of her and well I was ready to run and waiting for the scream but she just stared at them in disbelief and didn't say or do anything. Well then we got to ride horses and that was a blast and then family Olympics and family pictures. It was a upbeat and nonstop week but boy it was fun. other then the fact that an aunt of Jace's the nicest lady you will meet, but she did an aerobic class for all of us the first day and for the rest of the time none of us could walk we were all in so much pain. well after that we came home and floated the snake river and that brings us up to date. Well I hope that this hasn't board any one but I just wanted to let everyone know what what going on in out little family. We love you all!!!

here we are ready or not!!!

Well again it has been a long time since we have up kept our blog so here I go I will try to get everything out but you can't hold me responsible or accountable for mistakes because you know how these mother brains work in one ear out the other or blank stare or a ten second retention period but I will try my best to tell you all of our wild and crazy adventures of this summer as of yet.
Once upon a time a long time ago, oh wait wrong kind of story to tell. Well to get back on track, we have been extremely busy. I think there have only been two weeks that we have been home the entire week without having to be some where or do something. It all started out in April when I finished my second to last semester of college at BYU-Idaho and decided to embark on a wild and adventurous summer with Embree and when possible Jace. A week after school let out I received a phone call informing me that my grandmother was having surgery and my aunt was flying in from Oregon to help care for her. Well in my little mind I thought that it would be nice to see my aunt and grandmother and help out a little bit, (okay I guess a lot) well after talking with everyone in the family to see if that would be okay and getting threatened by Jace numerable amounts of time that I needed to go since I have been running around like a chicken with its head come off and really hadn't had any breaks or vacations since Embree was born 2 1/2 years ago. So that did it we were off in the band wagon and heading for the hills. Actually just to Utah but for us that was a long way. Well we hung out there for about 2 1/2 weeks helping, playing and going crazy like normal when you are with my family for to long we go a little loony after a while. Well while we were down there Embree and I embarked on an adventure to the Hoggle Zoo. Wow can I tell you how hard it is to keep a two year old in one place for longer then 2 seconds and being by your self is another chore. I think I deserve a medal for not killing her and all that were around me. Calling all award givers I deserve a medal, well I guess that they are busy and that if they gave me an award then they would have to give one to all the mothers.
Well we found out that at the zoo Elephants were the most interesting and they were the only things that kept her attention for longer then a minute and the whole rest of the day she was telling me that she and I were elephants and we have to talk like elephants, let me tell you how hard it is to get anything done when all you are is walking with your arm at your nose and sounding like an elephant and all the looks I think all the people thought I was a crazy lunatic but it kept embree happy and that is all that I could ask for. The things we do to be liked by our kids and the things we do to make them happy, boy if I knew that I had to be crazy to be a parent I would have tried not to be normal for all these years I think family members are planing my entrance into the loony bin for all that I have to do to keep the screaming down. Don't get me wrong Embree is not spoiled by any means she just has a high pitched scream that will leave any ones ears ringing for an hour, and put all the psycho screamers to shame. The thing I have to do to get her to stop are amazing and if i were a shy person it would kill me. (Hey wait a minute I am a shy person and hate to be center of attention. oh well I guess)
Well to get back to things while we were down there we got a phone call from our doctor informing us that we needed to get embree into Primary Children's Hospital to see why she is so delayed in her eating and growing. Well we went and had the best doctor we loved him and embree really loved him he really helped her get over her phobia of doctors he played with her and got down on her level and got to know her. Well we had to get blood work and a urinalysis done and found that she is perfectly fine in all those tests. Well we then had to reschedule a time to come back to get an MRI. Well we then decided that we had been gone long enough and decided to come home.
Two days later Jace's brother Cody came home from his mission from Lithuania and boy that was fun. He sent Embree a shirt for Christmas and since then she had to wear it at least twice a week and called it her Cody shirt, well she wore it to show Cody that it fits still when he got home. Well the sad thing is that when he got home she gave him 2 of her very best hugs and gave him his first kiss being home and since then hasn't wanted to touch him again. He is so sweet and patient with her but she wont have it. she locks onto my legs or runs away.

Friday, May 16, 2008

all over again

Well I just wanted to give another update on what is going on with embree. We went and saw the doctor on Monday at Primary Children's Hospital. We saw a pediatric neurologist named Francis Filloux and can I say that he was amazing and we couldn't have found a better and kinder doctor. Embree absolutely loved him and wanted to stay with him. (I don't know if it was because it was really the only male person she had seen in two and a half weeks or not, but she really liked him) Well we made the mistake of thinking that we could get all the testing that she needed that day so we made her fast not thinking that oh the hospital is going to be busy and scheduled out for weeks.
Well we made her fast and half way through the appointment she was coming unglued because she was so hungry and thirsty. Well we talked to the doctor and he said that the tests that we were able to do didn't require her to be fasting so she was fed and given liquids but apparently not soon enough and I feel so bad about that part. She had to have blood work done and get a urinalysis and we have had to have her give a urinalysis before but never were successful because they have to stick a bag on her and then loosely and carefully put the diaper back on, but she is so wild and moves so much that they have always fallen off and not worked, and I wanted to spare her the pain of that because every time she had to wear the bag it riped skin off with it. So I thought lets just give her a catheter and that will spare her, the only problem was that she hadn't drank anything really in 12 hours and what she had just drank was not enough to cause her to have any liquid come out. Well instead of spearing her I just caused more pain because she had to have a catheter and then when that didn't work she had to have a bag put on. Well we then had to force as much liquids in her as she would allow us and run around the hospital to try to have her fill the bag.
Well when we finally got to the Lad to get the blood work done the lab tech who was really nice as well but not so smart in the head. checked on the bag and yeah it was full!! well instead of taking it off slowly so that it wouldn't spill or rip skin he just ripped it off and tour skin of course and spilled it all over, luckily he was able to save enough to do the testing but still it is sensitive down there and he got to hear her high pitched scream and she didn't calm down till we got out of the lab, the nice thing was that he felt so bad that he gave her a big red teddy bear that she hasn't let go of since. Well we now have to go back down on the 23rd of may to get an MRI of her head and brain to see if everything is going good up there. They are sure that something is affecting her but they are not sure exactly what so we also have to go and see a geneticist and another kind of doctor that are specialists in what the doctor thinks might be causing these delays in growth and everything else. So that is what we get to look forward to this summer lots of travel and doctors how fun!! (not really especially with the price of gas!)
Well on another note we were able to go to Hoggle Zoo while we were down there and Embree absolutely loved it! Her favorite part was the elephants and all the cats. She made all the animal sounds that she saw and it was so funny to watch peoples reactions to her. A two year old knows all the animal sounds? can't be, well it is true I have an animal on my hands ;) she can make every animal sound and can identify them as well, mom elephant, mom tiger rarrrrrr! I think that it is cute. she is such a little smarty. She soaks everything in and is so smart and it amazes us everyday the things that she knows and says. She is so advanced in her language skills and can talk so well that it amazes us. Sometimes it is embarrassing to though. She is ready to be potty trained and tells us she needs to tinkle and to poop but she at this point tells us after she already does it in her diaper. Well she is now telling other people that mommy and daddy have to go potty to and if you ask her a question and she doesn't know the answer her reply is basically always now "daddy is poopy, needs a change he poopy" or it is about mommy. So that keeps us entertained when people look at us and say do you need to go use the bathroom? and we have to explain our selves and that we are fine and that is just what she is saying. funny well we hope all is well with everyone and we love you all.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

here is an update

sorry that it has been such a long time i have been kind of busy since i got out of school. For the last two weeks I have been down in Centerville Utah helping my Grandma, she had shoulder surgery and her other arm doesn't work either so we have a armless woman on the loose for a while oh no!!! well she is now starting to do better and get used to the fact that she can't use her arms but is still stubborn enough to think that she needs to be independent more then she was before the surgery sorry grandma I still love you tonz but it is the truth. she thinks that it is okay to do certain things even though the doctor said that it was not so trying to get her to listen is another story and we are finding out that she is not following instructions and that she is makeing adjustments to things to help her and not have to follow the doctors instructions. So that is one thing that I have had to deal with the other is that we are trying to get embree into Primary Childrens Hospital to get looked at because she hasn't gained any weight since she was 1 years old and she doesn't eat anything but crackers and frosted miniwheats and cheerios. She drinks juice, milk and water like crazy but eats nothing else and even somedays doesn't eat at all. We have tried everything. She has had an occupational therapist since she was 1 and still we have had so success. We are at a loss and the doctors that we have gone to till our most recent doctor in St. Anthony thought we were making all of these problems up for embree and that she was just fine but how can you say that she is fine when she hasn't been on the growth charts for both weight and height since she was 1 she is not even in the less than one percentile for both she is that far bellow. And also seeing that she has not gained any weight in a whole year i don't think that we are crazy to think that something is going on and that we need some more help with her. she looks completely healthy on the outside but i don't know what is causing this and i am starting to really get worried about her not that I wasn't before but i always thought the doctors were helping me to find answers and taking care of her, and now come to find out that they were not doing anything at all. Our new dr. is an angel sent to help, is amazing and is just as worried about embree as we are. He recently recieved all her charts from primary childrens and the other doctors and is not impressed with the information that was there. Come to find out that the other doctors didn't even chart alot of the information that they claimed that they did they didn't do and that they did certain test that we have never done and it worries me about what is really going on with embree is there things that we would have found out sooner if they had done the right thing first and listened to jace and i in the first place. Well we finally got an appointment with primary childrens for monday the 12th and hopefully we can get answers and help to help this little sweet heart of ours. We love her so much and hate to just sit and watch as she is having troubles and everything. Well that is my little venting and pitty party I hope that everyone is doing okay and hope you all know how much we love you. Well Embree and I will be down in Utah till the 12th unless the doctors need us longer but that is the date and then maybe after that we can come home and get settled back in to our little lives again and oh yeah welcome uncle cody home from his mission from the Baltic states, embree asks every day when cody is coming home and now we can say in less then a week he will be here and she gets so excited and dances and sings "cody home oh cody is coming home" I thought that that was so cute and had to share it. ( Cody is Jace's brother just so that you know)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Embree

1. She has a lot of attitude for her size
2. She loves pink and purple
3. Her favorite movie is Toy Story 2
4. Her favorite character is Jesse, we now have a doll of Jesse and she goes everywhere with us now and everyone that she meets gets told who Jesse is and all about her.
5. She loves to scream and out do everyone else that tries to be louder.
6. She loves to sing and dance and is really good at both!
7. She has a lot more boy friends then girlfriends, but that is slowly changing because of her school class, there are more girls there and they all are bigger then Embree and they are all adopting her as there baby doll and really taking care of her, it is really cute. They all hold hands together and go every where together and they all help with getting on or taking off there coats and sitting down to eat there snack. It makes me smile.
8. She has a great imagination, and loves to tell stories.
9. She is the most polite toddler that you will ever meet and she will also remind you to be polite if you forget.
10. She is the most caring girl, if you are sad or hurt she wants to take care of you and make you better, she loves to give kisses and hugs and that is what she says is the best medicine, she also just gives hugs and kisses just for fun not only when you are sad or hurt.
11. She has the biggest smile and cutest smile with those front buck teeth and it makes you smile.
12. She love animals and tell you all there names and make all there sounds it is so cute.

Tagging all that want to do this, it is fun,
(There were only eight to begin with but I couldn't stop I kept finding more things that she is good and and had to tell everyone, can you tell I am a proud mommy and love her to death!)

Here we are again

Our little cook and mommy! Here is our school girl on her first day!

Our house on when we were almost at the peak of snow it got a lot higher after this picture but luckly it is starting to melt!

Happy Birthday Hair! (fun) Our Little Diva in her leather skirt and gogo boots!

Here are some pictures, sorry that they took so long to be put up, no excuse this time other then I just got to it. Well we are doing good. We have been busy with school, work and play. Embree is starting to run and jump so everywhere we go we have to run, jump, march, and dance but not only do we have to do this but she has to announce what we are doing to the whole world, "I running, got to go fast!"
She is also being so fun because she is starting to really sing. We recently bought the August Rush CD and there are two songs that she knows by heart now and we have to sing them all day long. She really knows how to make us smile and laugh. Well I am trying to get ready for a field trip that I am going on in 2 1/2 weeks with one of my classes, I am excited for it but at the same time terrified. I will be gone for three days and I have never left Embree for that long. We are hooked at the hip and to have to leave her with Jace is scary, not that I don't trust her but I feel bad for him because he has to work still and so we have to take her to a babysitter (grandparents) which is fine but she always gets grumpy when we have to take her from them. Right now as well she has decided that I am the only one that she wants she, yells and screams when Jace comes home and just wants a hug because she says that she is mine and that she doesn't want to go to work.
She is in this phase that everyone works and that it is not fun and when she is board and sad she says that she is at work and that it is hard. Along with that she is thinking if she can't see us that we are at work or at class, and when we try to correct her she just gets angry that she is wrong. Well back on track, well her being so clingy is scaring me to leave so we are trying to have me phase back when Jace is home and letting him take over and help her with things and getting ready for bed and everything and so far it is not working but I guess that we are still going to try.
Well other then that we are just hanging out trying to fight off the snow, our basement is starting to get wet so once we have some time we are going to have to shovel all around our house to try and prevent any more water from coming in, the only thing is that it is now solid ice so that just makes everything better, lol. Well two post in one day is great! I got to go but we hope that every one is still okay and doing well we love you all.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sorry So Long

Well I really don't have an excuse for not updating this but I know that I can find plenty to sufice. Well since the last time both Embree and I started school. Embree, has started what they call Toddler Lab which is basically preschool for 18 to 33 month olds. Ever since the first day she leaves us hanging at the door waving behind her, she absolutely loves it, and we are glad, she hasn't had all the opportunities to be around alot of little kids her age because of me in school and Jace working, our families help with the babysitting so she really knows them well but there are only three little kids in the family and she loves them all. Well it is also great because she is extreamly picky about food and if she doesn't like something she won't eat it (that is bacically everything but crackers, juice, milk and water) She is now trying more things because she is watching the other kids. She is so fun to watch her there she is really starting to get comfortable and try to play with the other kids.

Well another big thing with Embree is that she has also started to say her prayers, yes with our help but it is still really cute. We get in trouble if we even look like we are not going to say them and the funiest thing is that while I am cooking diner she will come and pull on my leg and say "Mommy, we forgot to pray, we need to pray now." It is fun and even after family prayer at night she grabs us and says "Got to pray at my bed now, come on it time." It really melts your heart and really makes your day to know that she loves to pray that much. Well she is now starting to grow a little bit, she is getting five teeth now and that is a big thing because she has only 8 her four molars and four front teeth so now we are filling in the middle. She hadn't gained any weight either she has been 19 pounds since she was one and in the last month she has gained 2 pounds so that is a great thing, (the only reason is that we have started to give her pedia sure once a day). Well she hopefully is now back on the road that she should be and that hopefully one of these days she will eat real food and start GROWING!!! Well we love her either way.

Well Jace has just been busy with work, normally this is the slowest time of the year for pepsi but because of the weather it takes a long time to get to places. Well for me I am just going to school and playing with Embree (That is my favorite part), Embree now can make all the animals sounds that I can think of and name each and every one. It is cute,(I bet all the college students think we are kind of crazy because we go through all of the animals while we are walking to and from her class).
Well we are about tired of the snow we have four feet and it just keeps comeing, and we are running out of places to put it all. We are getting worried that are basement is going to flood but as of yet it hasn't (hope it stays that way). Well I don't have any pictures on this computer but when I get to them I will upload them so everyone can see our cutie and all the snow. I hope that everyone is well and safe and hope you all know how much we love you all.