Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Well today is another day and boy is it cold. Well Embree and I are getting ready for the Holiday's and i was sitting there and couldn't help but take some pictures Embree was being so funny. We just recently this year bought a home and I couldn't wait to decorate for Christmas so on the 18Th Jace, Embree and I put up the tree and then last night we put out some other decorations. Well Embree had found a new favorite toy, it is one of those Hallmark Holiday toys that sing. Well this is the one with the snowman and his snow dog and

Smiline and playing with her toy before she fell aslpeep

it sings jingle bells. It has only been out for a day but it is already starting to drive us crazy, but at the same time we can't stop laughing because Embree makes up a new dance every time she listens to it. I caught one of the dances a little bit on tape and hopefully it will work. Well at the same time in nursery she has learned how to fake sleep and she thinks that it is the greatest thing!! (Jace and I think other wise but can't seem to make her feel the same) Well while she was dancing and playing with the toy she figured that she was tired and I had said that it was time for a nap and she thought that she would do it her self and so she was fake sleeping and snoring loudly (that is about the only way that we know that she is faking and you can see her

Being wild and crazy as always

peeking though the smallest slits in her eyes) well she was pretending and well i guess that she was so tired that it got the best of her and she really fell asleep. It was pretty funny. She had to pull off all the pillows from the couch and made herself a little nest and just got a little to comfortable. Well on the other hand there is our funny looking tree because we can't put any

Embree when she finnaly fell asleep

thing on the bottom of the tree because Embree thinks that it is her goal to help us undecorate the tree and put things away and then there is our cat that thinks that the balls and other decorations are the coolest toys, so if we don't put anything low then we cross our fingers and hope that it will help our sanity and save our tree from the tortures of a toddler and a crazy cat. Happy Holidays!


Sunday, November 18, 2007


This is Embree playing at home and reading us her favorite book.

Well, this month has seemed to really fly by. Jace and I are going to be 1 year older and probably no wiser then we are at the present time but we can hope though. Well, this month we are really trying to work with Embree. She doesn't eat and we don't really know why we think that she has a phobia of real food. (doctors don't know and I think that they are tired of us) She has been working with an OT since she was one and she is now 22 months and is still not eating. I mean she is eating but not what she is supposed to. She only eats crackers, frosted mini wheat's, cookies, yoga rt smoothies, juice, milk and water, and everything else almost that is full of sugar so candy. We have tried everything and so we have set a goal to get her to try new things by the end of this month. So far we aren't getting far but we did get her to try a dried apple tonight and that is a plus, so maybe things are working. Jace is working hard to get her to try things because he loves Thanksgiving and wants her to try the food, we can only hope that she will pull through and start to really eat. Well other then that I have been really busy with school with trying to get things done before the Holiday and Jace is getting slammed at work because of the Holiday's as well but eventually we will slow done and catch our breath. Well we hope everyone is okay and that things are great, we love you all.

Embree being cute and showing off.


Hey! Well this month has been a great and crazy month. Embree has really started to take off walking. She is a late bloomer at walking (but I was grateful for that) she is now trying to really get into everything and has really become independent, now that she can move on her own. She loves to talk, sing, dance and play with friends and family. She is a whole lot of fun and we love her to death. She is the life of the party, you know the saying if momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy well that is her, if she isn't happy she will make it so nobody is happy but that is okay. She is already in her terrible two stage. Well we are staying busy, Jace is working hard, he drives truck for Pepsi and loves it. I am going to school full time and other then that am a stay at home mom. Well Embree has a fascination with life and last year she was a bumble bee for Halloween and so this year we asked her what she wanted to be and she wanted to be another bug. Her nick name is little bug, so we found her a lady bug costume and from that moment on till Halloween it was hard to keep her out of her costume.