Tuesday, June 30, 2009

buckle up your in for a long one sorry!!! ^_^

Sorry but this is going to be long for the fact that I haven't updated in a long time! Well I am down one more semester and have only 2 more till I really graduate! So there is officially a light at the end of the tunnel but I don't know if that is reassuring but I am so nervous for these last 2 semesters! Especially because of student teaching and having to take the Praxis! Oh well I guess that is my fault for wanting to be a teacher. ^_^ Well Embree and I (mostly I) needed a break after a stressful semester. I was gone at about 7:30 to 8 in the morning to some night at 6 and some later if groups meetings happened. Embree kept coming to me and begging me to stop school and stay home with her. She towards the end of the semester would even cry the moment she heard that I had to go to class or even if I left the room because she thought I wouldn't come back. Well after school was over Embree and I again loaded up the car (Jace had to work so we left him behind :P) and went to Utah. We were only planning to be there for just under a week, well man o man did we have it coming! THE CAR BROKE DOWN THE DAY BEFORE WE WERE GOING HOME! Can you tell it was a little stressful! The steering column disintegrated and broke the rear breaks and shocks completely shot, so lots of money later we finally got home 3 weeks later. Jace came and visited for 2 days and we thought maybe we would just get a new car and say good-bye to this one because the same time last year the front brakes did this and so many more things. Well he came down and we found a car we loved and thought was in our budget but couldn't get a loan if we begged. So that idea shot we had to find a way to get it fixed and $1,200 later we were finally home.

Well then came our anniversary. We have now been married 6 years and decided that we would try something new. We went to our cabin for our honeymoon and for every year since but this year that was not an option. We did try but others were using it. Well we finally decided on going camping and got all the arrangements made and even had Grandparents watching Embree so we could go and have fun and she could be safe and happy to. Well we planned on camping in Yellowstone and were excited for it when we started at the weather though we were completely bummed! Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and northern Utah were all being flooded by RAIN (THAT HASN'T STOPPED YET!!) So we were about to just give up when I thought of Zion National Park. I went there twice about 7 or 8 years ago and loved it and the temperature down there was in the 60's and 70's and NO RAIN. Well of course it was to late to book any campsites there because the ones that you can reserve you have to reserve a year in advance. Well so our option was to leave the moment Jace got off work and book it there. The campsites are first come first serve and they are gone by noon. Well Jace got off work at 5am on Friday and so my great sister Liz came and stayed with Embree and watched her for the day till my Mom and Dad got off work so that I could leave and not have to wake her up. Well we were on the road by 5:10am and were doing great on time. We had figured out when we needed to get gas and figured that Nephi, Utah was the place. Well we saw the sign that the exit was next and then I started to sneeze and Jace looked away for a moment and then ... Nephi disappeared. Yep we missed it. We have never pushed our car past 330 miles and have only had it since February so haven't really had time to really try and push it to its limits but here we go 43 miles to the next gas station and exit. By the time that we made it the low fuel light came on right as we pulled in (which has always before that come on at 300 miles) we made it 369 miles in our little SUV! Yeah! Well then after that right out of Cedar City, Utah (our car is red just so you know) we were passed by this crazy driver and guess what of course there is a cop but who did he pull over... yep you got it us!! Jace had the cruse on the whole time and was going just the speed limit but got clocked apparently going 86 in a 75 zone. Boy and the cop didn't even talk to us, he came to the window we handed him the stuff and he walked away and then came back gave the ticket and said be safe pulling out and then was gone. $90 later for the ticket and we were finally on our way again. Well we planed on being to Zion's by 2pm and hoped and prayed there was a site open but to our luck we had no traffic the whole way and made it there by 12:30pm, and just by the hair on our heads lucked out with the last campsite. Well it was great we camped and hiked and loved it! Then the next day we ran into a couple of friends and decided to go to Las Vegas with them on Saturday till Monday morning. It was a blast we walked over 35 miles that whole time we were there in Las Vegas and boy did our bodies feel it. But it was Beautiful! The temp only got to 78 degrees and was beautiful. Well we left our friends on Sunday for our anniversary and hung out on the town together and that is when we walked 20 to 25 miles of all those miles. We just wanted to see the sights and walked and saw all the animal exhibits and had fun and yet didn't spend a dime gambling. (Honest Truth) Well then on Monday our journey back home started and we drove back through Zion's and went on Highway 89 to Brice Canyon and then to Centerville, Utah to spend the night with my grandma, and then we dove the rest of the way home on Monday.

Well basically that is it in a nutshell. We have wanted to play out side a ton this summer but because of the weather we have been stuck inside a lot. Embree has been able to play in our little blow up pool once and loved every moment of it! OH and I Finally have a real garden. Jace and my dad helped till up some of our yard and we now have a 10 x 12 garden and I still have my pots for our tomatoes and peppers. But now we have corn, beans, peas, carrots, onions, spinach and lettuce! I am so excited. Well I hope this finds everyone great and safe we love you all and I will definitely be updating more now!