Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hey! Well this month has been a great and crazy month. Embree has really started to take off walking. She is a late bloomer at walking (but I was grateful for that) she is now trying to really get into everything and has really become independent, now that she can move on her own. She loves to talk, sing, dance and play with friends and family. She is a whole lot of fun and we love her to death. She is the life of the party, you know the saying if momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy well that is her, if she isn't happy she will make it so nobody is happy but that is okay. She is already in her terrible two stage. Well we are staying busy, Jace is working hard, he drives truck for Pepsi and loves it. I am going to school full time and other then that am a stay at home mom. Well Embree has a fascination with life and last year she was a bumble bee for Halloween and so this year we asked her what she wanted to be and she wanted to be another bug. Her nick name is little bug, so we found her a lady bug costume and from that moment on till Halloween it was hard to keep her out of her costume.

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