Sunday, December 21, 2008


well it has been a really long time again sorry. Well it has been a really long time because of the economy Jace has been on the verge of being fired every day. We have been living with very little and yet I don't think that it could have made us closer we have really gotten closer as a family during this time. From little if any work it just gets harder and harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel but we have really been hit hard with the fact that nothing matters when you are a family and work together. Well about three weeks ago my mom found a job opening at the college and we thought yeah right a guy with not much education and little experience is not going to get it. Well he applied for the job and we contacted everyone we could think of who would have an influence and help Jace so we waited for a week and when the job closed we still hadn't heard from them and were okay with the fact that he didn't get it. Getting a job on campus is really hard and hardly any gets jobs there without a lot of influence and things. Well a day later Jace gets a call and asked to an interview and after he goes in it is another week till they call him in again for a final interview and an other few days till the final decision. Well he got called back and the guy acted as if it was a let go sorry that you didn't get it we want the other guy and that is the way they want to go, but then he said that is what they wanted but he stuck his head out for him and JACE GOT THE JOB!!! He is now the new night supervisor at the Hart Building. It is not as god of pay as we need but hey it is a stable job and it has benefits. He works tuesday through saturday 11pm to 5am and so that is hard but he is still ooking for a part time job during the day but hey we are surviving I love this family. We hope that all of you are safe and good we love you all.

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stability is so important! I am so glad he got the job and I know the timing will be hard but again, it will have it's perks. We miss you guys and hope everything is going well. Merry Christmas!