Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well I think it has happened, my mind is officially gone. I feel like this semester is taking its toll on me and really pushing me out of my comfort zone. But on the mind thing, for one of my classes we observe and teach in a 6th grade class here in St. Anthony and we are able to teach what ever we want. Well the day that my group gets to teach is on Wednesday and boy let me tell you it has been a chore but also a blast. Well today, we were teaching pirate and it is a subject I don't really know about but hey I am up for a new experience. I really studied and new the subjects that I was to focus on and teach and I felt confident that I would do okay teaching. Well it was time to teach and my mind went blank, I left all my notes at home because hey I had confidence and knew what I was doing. OH MY GOSH nothing I tried would help me to remember all I did the first 5 minutes was pray for help to remember what I was supposed to say when the guy stopped talking. It came to my turn and it went okay I started out with a question and it went okay and started to help me remember a little but the kids wanted nothing of it. I kept prodding them and nothing. Well because we are in such a diverse school we are not supposed to call each other by brother or sister and because we are teachers we are not supposed to call the others by their first name and what did I do at that moment to get some help call the one by the first name and the other brother. UUGGHH!! Boy then we get going and things are still not coming to me and apparently one of the other group members was having a hard time as well. Well we made it through and survived and I guess it ended up okay but wow I have never had so much troubles like that in my life. I know I am not perfect and I am regularly forgetting things and mixing things up but never this bad. Boy I sure hope it never happens like that again.

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Rance Robles Family said...

Hang in there! We all have bad days. It probably wasn't as bad as you thought, we're always most critical of ourselves.