Wednesday, October 7, 2009


One word Tag
1. Your cell phone is: pain
2. Your significant other is: wired
3. Your hair: frizzy
4. Your mother: loving
5. Your father: caring
6. Your favorite thing: family
7. Your dream last night: crazy
8. Your dream goal: happiness
9. Your favorite room: embree's
10. Your hobby: cooking
11. Your fear: SPIDERS!!!
12. Where you want to be in 6 years: GRADUATED!!!
13. Where you were last night: SAM's
14. What you're not: dare-devil
15. One of your wish list items: travel
16. Where you grew up: Idaho
17. Last thing you ate: Ham
18. What you wearing: Clothes
19. Your T.V: Average
20. Your pet: Cat (missy)
21. Your computer: Macbook
22. Your mood: Stressed
23. Missing someone: Jace
24. Your car: dirty
25. Something you're not wearing: shoes
26. Favorite stone: diamond
27. Your summer: interesting
28. Love someone: eternally
29. Your favorite color: green
30. Last time you laughed: today
31. Last time you cried: yesterday

Now cut and paste and answer for yourself with one word! I tag anyone who wants to.


maurerblog said...

Thanks! At least someone did it. :)

Rance Robles Family said...

Cute, I like reading those!!!