Wednesday, July 9, 2008

continued . . .

Well after that we celebrated my niece's birthday and then back down to Utah for the MRI. Can I tell you how terrifying it is to have to have your child sedated. To hear of all the complications and things that could happen if it were to go wrong are terrifying. Well she survived that and passed that with flying colors. Everything came out clear and perfect. The after affect of the sedation was hilarious, Embree was a walking and talking drunk on her feet. She couldn't talk and she couldn't walk. It was sad but it was so funny to watch her trying to walk and talk and instead of her getting frustrated and mad she just started to laugh and try harder to be silly. Well we were gone for three days and then we were back again.
We then the next week went up and spent a week at my family's cabin up in Island Park, Idaho, with my family and boy you would think that for being June it would be warm and pleasant up there. Well we were proved other wise I was just glad that we didn't put embree's winter stuff away and that I brought it up, just to go out side she had to have boots, two coats including her winter coat, gloves, hat, and something to keep her face warm and she had to top it off with her butterfly glasses. Well we were able to survive and the last day it finally warmed up Oh i forgot it snowed six to eight inches on us while we were there luckily it melted the same day but hey it is June it is not supposed to snow!!!
so When we got home we were able to stick around the house for a week and a few days and then we had a ward camp out. We were planning on going but the next day we were going to go to no tellem lake with Jace's family and Jace had to work the night of the camp out. Well my neighbor who has fastly become my best friend and embrees to were in charge of the camp out well Embree and I decided to go and help set up camp with them since it was only at green canyon. Well I feel so bad because the moment that we got there I got sicker then a dog. I couldn't leave the Bathroom (Luckily they had a bathroom) while my neighbor helped me to try to get jace to come and get me. Well when he finally got there I had been able to leave the bathroom for about an hour and took embree into the pool were i just sat in warm water and boy did that help. jace got there and the smart man brought all our camping gear and my medicine and supplies and he took care of me, what a great guy. The only problem was that when we got out of the pool I very stupidly gave Embree a drink of juice that had over 29 grams of sugar in it and she didn't sleep till 2:30 am and then woke up at 6am so that we could be home. so needless to say I didn't sleep at all, but for the first camping trip that we have had as a family it could have been worse. I just wouldn't wish on any one to be sick as I was. Well then we went up to no tellem lake with Jace's family and got eaten alive. We all have a full can of repellent on and the mosquito's acted like it was nothing they just wanted to eat.
We then had about a week till Jace's family showed up from Canada and Alaska for there family reunion/celebration for grandma and grandpa Blanchard's 50th wedding anniversary. Well we hung out with them every night till the big departure for the reunion to Island Park. Jace wasn't able to go because of work and so we spent as much time with the family as possible. Well when the big day arrived we headed for the hills and went to stay in the Winchester Lodge where the family of 32 was able to stay and enjoy each other. It was a blast a little awkward as I was without jace and he was there family not me, but what should I have done I didn't want to keep Embree away from her family. Well we went to Oklahoma the musical at the Playmill and it was a blast Embree was so good and the actors even stole one of her candy smarties (well she did drop them and they kicked them and improvised) but they ate them right in front of her and well I was ready to run and waiting for the scream but she just stared at them in disbelief and didn't say or do anything. Well then we got to ride horses and that was a blast and then family Olympics and family pictures. It was a upbeat and nonstop week but boy it was fun. other then the fact that an aunt of Jace's the nicest lady you will meet, but she did an aerobic class for all of us the first day and for the rest of the time none of us could walk we were all in so much pain. well after that we came home and floated the snake river and that brings us up to date. Well I hope that this hasn't board any one but I just wanted to let everyone know what what going on in out little family. We love you all!!!

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