Wednesday, July 9, 2008

here we are ready or not!!!

Well again it has been a long time since we have up kept our blog so here I go I will try to get everything out but you can't hold me responsible or accountable for mistakes because you know how these mother brains work in one ear out the other or blank stare or a ten second retention period but I will try my best to tell you all of our wild and crazy adventures of this summer as of yet.
Once upon a time a long time ago, oh wait wrong kind of story to tell. Well to get back on track, we have been extremely busy. I think there have only been two weeks that we have been home the entire week without having to be some where or do something. It all started out in April when I finished my second to last semester of college at BYU-Idaho and decided to embark on a wild and adventurous summer with Embree and when possible Jace. A week after school let out I received a phone call informing me that my grandmother was having surgery and my aunt was flying in from Oregon to help care for her. Well in my little mind I thought that it would be nice to see my aunt and grandmother and help out a little bit, (okay I guess a lot) well after talking with everyone in the family to see if that would be okay and getting threatened by Jace numerable amounts of time that I needed to go since I have been running around like a chicken with its head come off and really hadn't had any breaks or vacations since Embree was born 2 1/2 years ago. So that did it we were off in the band wagon and heading for the hills. Actually just to Utah but for us that was a long way. Well we hung out there for about 2 1/2 weeks helping, playing and going crazy like normal when you are with my family for to long we go a little loony after a while. Well while we were down there Embree and I embarked on an adventure to the Hoggle Zoo. Wow can I tell you how hard it is to keep a two year old in one place for longer then 2 seconds and being by your self is another chore. I think I deserve a medal for not killing her and all that were around me. Calling all award givers I deserve a medal, well I guess that they are busy and that if they gave me an award then they would have to give one to all the mothers.
Well we found out that at the zoo Elephants were the most interesting and they were the only things that kept her attention for longer then a minute and the whole rest of the day she was telling me that she and I were elephants and we have to talk like elephants, let me tell you how hard it is to get anything done when all you are is walking with your arm at your nose and sounding like an elephant and all the looks I think all the people thought I was a crazy lunatic but it kept embree happy and that is all that I could ask for. The things we do to be liked by our kids and the things we do to make them happy, boy if I knew that I had to be crazy to be a parent I would have tried not to be normal for all these years I think family members are planing my entrance into the loony bin for all that I have to do to keep the screaming down. Don't get me wrong Embree is not spoiled by any means she just has a high pitched scream that will leave any ones ears ringing for an hour, and put all the psycho screamers to shame. The thing I have to do to get her to stop are amazing and if i were a shy person it would kill me. (Hey wait a minute I am a shy person and hate to be center of attention. oh well I guess)
Well to get back to things while we were down there we got a phone call from our doctor informing us that we needed to get embree into Primary Children's Hospital to see why she is so delayed in her eating and growing. Well we went and had the best doctor we loved him and embree really loved him he really helped her get over her phobia of doctors he played with her and got down on her level and got to know her. Well we had to get blood work and a urinalysis done and found that she is perfectly fine in all those tests. Well we then had to reschedule a time to come back to get an MRI. Well we then decided that we had been gone long enough and decided to come home.
Two days later Jace's brother Cody came home from his mission from Lithuania and boy that was fun. He sent Embree a shirt for Christmas and since then she had to wear it at least twice a week and called it her Cody shirt, well she wore it to show Cody that it fits still when he got home. Well the sad thing is that when he got home she gave him 2 of her very best hugs and gave him his first kiss being home and since then hasn't wanted to touch him again. He is so sweet and patient with her but she wont have it. she locks onto my legs or runs away.

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