Thursday, September 4, 2008


well I know that it has been a really long time since I blogged and I really have no good excuse other then that I have slacked off. Well we have not been up to a hole lot other then jace changed jobs so that has taken a lot of time and emotions and about everything else. Jace used to work for pepsi and loved it but then the Idaho Falls warehouse changed management and they are all really young and money hungry, Well it ends up that they ruined friendships to make a buck and jace happened to be one that they really liked to pick on and abuse jace they then started to withhold his pay checks and so we started to look for new employment in june and this place that jace delivered pop the manager really liked Jace and the way he worked and offered him a job right there. We spent two and a half months pondering and contaplated the alternatives. The thing was that pepsi has amazing insurance and this place only offers a 401K but no health insurance. So that is really a big issue with us and so after going to the temple twice a week for 2 months and really taking everything into concideration we finally decided to take the other job and leave Pepsi. Well we are now going on 2 weeks with this new job and so far so good other then the fact that we never see him because he is driving truck for Bart Larsen Farms and they are huge farmers and own basically a place called hammer, duboise and a couple other places and plant straw, potatoes, corn and grain and this is there harvest time so he is gone every other saturday and from 5 am till 7-10pm so we will see, But all I can ask for is that he likes the job and the people and is happy, which he is. Well other then that I am starting school on monday and can I tell you that I am not looking forward to this other then the fact that it is my last semester so that is a good thing. my only down fall is that my babysitters are backing out so I have to find a new one but my neighbor hopefully is going to help and that will be great because Embree loves her and her kids and that way I can have her sleep in and take naps right at home which she likes to do better then at others houses. Well I feel like i am just rambleing but I wanted to inform people what is going on and say hi and we love you all.

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