Thursday, March 24, 2011


Our dog has been a big issue in our house in the last 2 weeks. (actually for a lot longer but nothing like these pas 2 weeks!) She has been going to obedience school and has been doing really good, we had to miss a class last week because it was time to get her spayed. Well our little crazy girl was a sweet heart so excited to go into the vet, wired I know but that is what she did. The surgery went really good and the vet came out when we went to pick her up to tell us she was the sweetest dogs he has worked with in a while which made us feel some hope. Well the first few days were wonderful, she was so calm and instead of malling Embree she would follow her and sleep where ever embree stopped. Well it came to the day that I had to leave the house and not watch her like a hawk (she is a licker and has found ways around the cone of shame) I had to leave for about 2 hours with Embree and Jace. When we got home, (we were planning on not coming home at that time we were going to go to a cheep movie but decided we needed to check on her first) Jace went into the house to get some things so we could just leave after I checked on Kia. We keep her in her kennel in the garage while we are gone, I walked in a got a happy reception from her and went to check on her I didn't see anything different but then she got out and ran outside. Jace caught her and I looked at her stomach. WOW!!! she had pulled every stitch out and he cut was wide open to see inside her. Time went so fast then, we got her immediately into the car calling the vet and anyone else to see what we needed to do. We got to the vet and luckily she hadn't eaten since noon that day they took her in and fixed her and we got her back the next morning. We thought we might get our calm dog again but no she has been wild and crazy this whole time. We thought everything was over with the drama and then wednesday we look at the wound again (she has worn the cone of shame 24/7 and has tube socks on her back feet and the feet tied together as well, a real sight) it was massively infected luckily we were able to take care of it our selves. So this has been a great adventure that I would have really enjoyed not having.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I don't even know what else to say, that is intense!

What breed is she?

Jen Nelson said...

What a crazy adventure with your dog!