Thursday, March 31, 2011

Clean and Spring!

This week has been pretty slow! It has been nice though to be able to go out and walk and not have to be in snow clothes to do it. We have been aching to go out side and open our windows and air out the house for a long time and now we can finally do it. To top it all it has bee 3 weeks and we can now WASH THE DOG!!! She is a hundred percent healed and crazy to boot, and we are so grateful that we can now clean her up! I know that she has been waiting for this day since she had the surgery because she hates to be dirty and keeps giving us the look of disgust and wow does she stink! We are so excited, I don't know if it is a good thing to be so excited but we are in this house! Clean dog, Clean house, Spring and General Conference how could life get better! (I know it can but right now it feels pretty great)

(this is Embree all dressed up in her halloween costume! She loves to play dress up and dance all day! Since the weather has changed she is even more excited to dress up and dance! Yeah!)

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