Saturday, January 14, 2012

Story to help understand Ponderings

At eight months old Embree had, had a cough for almost a month and no medication was working and it just got worse. We had been to several doctors and still couldn't figure out what was going on. The last doctor finally said we should get x-rays and see if maybe it was pertussis (whooping cough). He was able to set up an appointment to get the x-rays right then. Embree didn't like them at all and it took Jace, two nurses and I to hold her down so they could get the x-ray. Well it took a day to get the results and when they arrived our lives changed. Jace had just gone to work at his parents restaurant and I had just got Embree out of a bath when the doctor called. All I remember is my grandma (who we were living with at the time) coming into the bathroom and telling me the doctor is on the phone and he said it was an emergency. When I got to the phone all i remember is hearing it is a tumor between her heart and lungs and it looks cancerous you need to get her to primary children's asap. The doctor said he had already called the hospital and told them we were on our way and he had a folder of the x-rays for us to pick up to take as well.

All I remember was calling Jace and balling, I guess that was all I had to do and he was on his way home. I tried to call my family and none of them were home but my brother, and once I heard his voice I started balling again, which caused him to find my parents and he rushed over to help. My dad was able to give us all blessings before we left to help and then It took us only 30 minutes to get on the road to the hospital and we never could have done it without the help of all of our family. It took us seven hours to get to the hospital because of construction. Luckily Embree slept the entire way there. When we arrived at the hospital they rushed us back and did tests on Embree and took more x-rays. At the hospital they are able to work with the kids more to get better x-rays. After what felt like days, the doctor finally came in with the results. NO TUMOR AND NO CANCER! We breathed a sigh of relief but then he said, "but there is something that has us concerned." Her Thymus which was supposed to look like a sail on a sail boat, was very enlarged and mishapped, looking more like a giant pair. He told us the only treatment for that was time and it should adjust itself and shrink as she gets older.

Well after that which was about 11om we were able to go home, Embree was so exhausted and because of the adrenaline Jace and I were wide awake. We were going to stay with family if we needed to that night but decided that all we wanted to help us relax was to go home so we drove all the way back that night. After this ordeal, we thought that our only problems were going to be dealt around her thymus but all of a sudden she stopped everything. before all of this she was eating everything, sitting, rolling around, and was rocking on her knees. After all of this though she stopped everything, she just layed there and stopped eating. Well with a lot of help from physical therapists and occupational therapist and doctors it took her till she was two before she crawled and a few months later when she walked. She has also been very small being in the negative 15% for both height and weight up until a year and a half ago when she finally started eating and her thymus finally started shrinking. We had her looked at and x-rayed by about every doctor in primary children's to try to figure out why she stopped everything and finally found that it was caused by massive phobias created because of the ordeal that we had. The one problem she never had was speech, she talked full sentences at one years old.

Well through a lot of work and effort to get over these phobias, yes she is six now, she is finally 100% potty trained, she is eating a lot more then crackers which was her only diet for almost two years and pedia sure with that, she now loves every fruit, corn, peas, and carrots in the vegetables, almost every kind of carb you can think of (pasta, breads, crackers), almost all the dairy items, but she is still a self proclaimed vegetarian, she will have nothing to do with meat at all. But this all only started when she was four and a half years old. She was still only wearing 24 month old clothes and at times could fit into 2t and 3t outfits but not many. When she started to eat she has grown a ton! She is now at a positive 25% for weight and height for her age and is almost as tall as any other six year old out there. If you were to look at her now you would never know that she has gone through any ordeal and ever had any problems (other then eating). We love her to death and are grateful and blessed everyday by the gift of life she has brought with her.

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