Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fire part 2

We then went to bed and I was really struggling with breathing because of the smoke so needless to say, I didn't sleep much. The next morning we took pictures and assessed the damages. We had at least a 3 inch radius around the chimney that has been distorted by the fire, the huge crack that was now spreading to the wall by the chimney. I also had to go to work because it was to late to call a sub I thought. Well we had so much smoke damage and I could still barely breath that we all looked and smelled wonderful ;o). Well when I got to work something snapped and all i could do was cry and cough, my boss took one look at me and sent me home. I went to the doctor and fount out that I had smoke asphyxiation. I had to get a few breathing treatments and put on some medications to open my airway so that I could breathe. When we left the doctors office I got the phone call that the day before my grandmother had fallen and was in the hospital. So we went to visit her while Jace was talking to the insurance agent. We got there and found out that she had broken her back and was in a lot of pain, and boy did we smell like smoke we felt so bad. But that was when we realized that we could all help each other, we moved into grandmas that day to help her and she helped us by allowing us to get out of our smoke filled house till it was fixed. It took exactly a month to get everything fixed and taken care of, it was really hard to not be in our home for that long and to have everything everywhere. We had to have my parents care for two of our animals because we couldn't have them with us at grandmas. My grandma had surgery and is all better now so we cared for her while she cared for us. So after it all we had to get everything cleaned and washed, had to get new carpet, chimney fixed, we had to get a lining in the chimney, new fireplace, and repaint the front room.

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