Saturday, July 21, 2012

work and applying for jobs

Well, I don't know if you all know that I graduated in secondary education, but since I graduated I have had no luck in finding a job in my areas. I am working for an elementary school and loving it, I love to work with special needs kids and have had a blast doing it. I am still looking. Embree and I after the fire just seemed to not be able to get well, so we went to an ear nose and throat doctor and found out that I had a deviated septum and it was 100% closed on one side of my nose and about 75% of the other side was closed so they said I had to have surgery immediately because the open side was closing fast. Embree failed her hearing test and her tonsils were huge so they said that she also had to get her tonsils out, adenoids out, and get tubes in her ears asap as well. So I had my surgery a week before her and then she had hers we were both down an out of school for 2 weeks, but are a lot better now. The day that I got back to work I saw a posting for a job in my field and was so excited, I turned in an application and was called the next day for an interview. The interview went great and I was real hopeful in getting the job it would have been a dream experience. Needless to say about two weeks later I got the sad news that I didn't get it, I also was told that there would be little to no luck in me ever finding a job in the fields I specialized, because they are both science based and schools want two to three different areas. So on top of not getting the job it was not fun to also be reamed about my education. But the next day my boss came and said that she wanted me to be her assistant and that it would include working in the summer and more responsibility so that helped make things better. I am looking forward to it, and so far this summer have had a blast working with these special needs kids.

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