Friday, May 16, 2008

all over again

Well I just wanted to give another update on what is going on with embree. We went and saw the doctor on Monday at Primary Children's Hospital. We saw a pediatric neurologist named Francis Filloux and can I say that he was amazing and we couldn't have found a better and kinder doctor. Embree absolutely loved him and wanted to stay with him. (I don't know if it was because it was really the only male person she had seen in two and a half weeks or not, but she really liked him) Well we made the mistake of thinking that we could get all the testing that she needed that day so we made her fast not thinking that oh the hospital is going to be busy and scheduled out for weeks.
Well we made her fast and half way through the appointment she was coming unglued because she was so hungry and thirsty. Well we talked to the doctor and he said that the tests that we were able to do didn't require her to be fasting so she was fed and given liquids but apparently not soon enough and I feel so bad about that part. She had to have blood work done and get a urinalysis and we have had to have her give a urinalysis before but never were successful because they have to stick a bag on her and then loosely and carefully put the diaper back on, but she is so wild and moves so much that they have always fallen off and not worked, and I wanted to spare her the pain of that because every time she had to wear the bag it riped skin off with it. So I thought lets just give her a catheter and that will spare her, the only problem was that she hadn't drank anything really in 12 hours and what she had just drank was not enough to cause her to have any liquid come out. Well instead of spearing her I just caused more pain because she had to have a catheter and then when that didn't work she had to have a bag put on. Well we then had to force as much liquids in her as she would allow us and run around the hospital to try to have her fill the bag.
Well when we finally got to the Lad to get the blood work done the lab tech who was really nice as well but not so smart in the head. checked on the bag and yeah it was full!! well instead of taking it off slowly so that it wouldn't spill or rip skin he just ripped it off and tour skin of course and spilled it all over, luckily he was able to save enough to do the testing but still it is sensitive down there and he got to hear her high pitched scream and she didn't calm down till we got out of the lab, the nice thing was that he felt so bad that he gave her a big red teddy bear that she hasn't let go of since. Well we now have to go back down on the 23rd of may to get an MRI of her head and brain to see if everything is going good up there. They are sure that something is affecting her but they are not sure exactly what so we also have to go and see a geneticist and another kind of doctor that are specialists in what the doctor thinks might be causing these delays in growth and everything else. So that is what we get to look forward to this summer lots of travel and doctors how fun!! (not really especially with the price of gas!)
Well on another note we were able to go to Hoggle Zoo while we were down there and Embree absolutely loved it! Her favorite part was the elephants and all the cats. She made all the animal sounds that she saw and it was so funny to watch peoples reactions to her. A two year old knows all the animal sounds? can't be, well it is true I have an animal on my hands ;) she can make every animal sound and can identify them as well, mom elephant, mom tiger rarrrrrr! I think that it is cute. she is such a little smarty. She soaks everything in and is so smart and it amazes us everyday the things that she knows and says. She is so advanced in her language skills and can talk so well that it amazes us. Sometimes it is embarrassing to though. She is ready to be potty trained and tells us she needs to tinkle and to poop but she at this point tells us after she already does it in her diaper. Well she is now telling other people that mommy and daddy have to go potty to and if you ask her a question and she doesn't know the answer her reply is basically always now "daddy is poopy, needs a change he poopy" or it is about mommy. So that keeps us entertained when people look at us and say do you need to go use the bathroom? and we have to explain our selves and that we are fine and that is just what she is saying. funny well we hope all is well with everyone and we love you all.


maurerblog said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I can't believe all that you guys have to go through. Poor Embree! Hopefully this is the beginning of some real answers. We will keep your little one in our thoughts and prayers. Love you.

Lali Johnson said...

So, what did the MRI say?