Saturday, January 14, 2012


Well this week has been a week that has caused a lot of thought and reflection time for our little family. We are having the same issues that a lot of others are having with finances, and are trying to over come the problems that we have caused, but that is not what we are focused on at this point. Our ponderings are based again on our daughter. I don't know if you all know but when she was eight months she gave us all the scare of our lives when she first got sick. The story is bellow if you don't know about it. Well she started kindergarten this year and has loved every moment of it. The only thing is that almost every week to every other week she is sick. Either with a massive cold or with a string of the flu. for the pas two months though it has been the flu. She has had all of her shots and has gotten her flu shot but still is getting sick all the time. We give her vitamins and make sure that she gets all the nutrients she needs to help her be healthy and happy but are still at a massive loss as to why she is sick constantly.

We know that, yes this is her first time at public school and that sickness goes around, but every week getting sick? We don't let her go to school or any where for that matter if she is sick and wait till she is 100% better before we let her go back into the public but there has to be something else doesn't there for why she is always sick? This is why we are pondering, we are thinking, is is something to do with her thymus again? Is there anything else wrong that is causing her to be sick? We haven't taken her to the doctor yet but are contemplating but want to have a list of questions ready for when we do. But all we can think is, is this normal for kids to be constantly sick their first year of school or is this a little extreme? We definitely will be taking her in but it is just wondering what is going on that has a worried. I guess that is why these are ponderings and why it is nice to get them written down and out of my system to see if anyone has any ideas.


Anonymous said...

My opinion: it does seem like she is getting sick fairly often.

Aiden has only gotten sick once this school-year. However, he brings home germs from school that he can fight but those of us still at home can't and we usually have someone sick once a month.

I don't know what I would do because it sounds like you are doing everything you should be doing.

Good luck friend. Let me know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

oh, this just came to me (otherwise it would have been in my last post), could she possibly be being exposed to mold?