Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. was cleaning a closet and had dentures fall on me
2. worked at a boys scout camp for 2 summers
3. have a beautiful daughter named Embree Anne
4. I have been married for over 5 1/2 years
5. In that time I have moved 6 times
6. I love the outdoors
7. Worked at a boy scout camp for 2 summers and they were the best summers of my life and have great friends that I claim as family because of that. And it was in the most amazing place in the world it was so Beautiful, Camp Loll I love you!
8. Scared of spiders and still scared of the dark
9. Still is in college even though I have been going since 2001
10. FInally decided what I wanted to do for a major/ career
11. Going to be a earth science teacher
12. Love being with family
13. I am super shy
14. Have a house that is basically an archeologist site because we find new things in it about every day.
15. Really loves rocks and has been banned from bringing any more home! (moving 6 times with boxes of rocks kind of takes it tole)
16. Watches more cartoons then any other movies
17. Trying to try new things even though it is really hard for me to do.
18. Had some crazy times with my old college roommates and had a lot of fun with them. (you know who you all are)
19. I have never flown on a plane or been on a train
20. hiked in flip flops down the grand canyon. (Tripped close to the bottom and fell 2 feet and still have the scar to prove it)
21. Hiked the grand canyon twice
22. never been farther east then Wyoming
23. love others and want to always help
24. I love animals all kinds
25. love to be in the water, swimming, kayaking, rafting, boating and everything else.

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maurerblog said...

I love reading all of these. You are so cute!